Welcome to 6th Grade


Course Description: In 6th-grade literacy, students will continuously be coached and encouraged in their effort to embrace reading and creative writing. The first quarter will focus on reading and writing personal and imaginary narratives as well as poetry. The second quarter will introduce the strategies needed to read non-fiction text. The second quarter will also focus on the skill of comparing and contrasting two texts, culminating with a four-paragraph compare and contrast essay. The third quarter will begin with persuasive writing and lead to the opportunity of researching a question that students will take a stand on. A five-paragraph argumentative essay will culminate the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, the focus will spiral back to narrative works within book clubs and a deeper look into the tone of an author using book club books and poetry.

Ann Davis

Ann Davis- Literacy

I am Ann Davis. This is my second year teaching Literacy at RMS. Outside of school my passions are hiking, boating, and off-roading. I’m a proud mother of three grown men and two grandchildren!

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Sara Bailey  

Sara Bailey- Literacy

I am Sara Bailey and I teach 6th grade English Language Arts (ELA). This is my first year as an RMS Cub and my 12th year in the classroom. I love books, reading, spending time with my family and playing in the mountains.

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