Teaching & Learning

Rifle Middle School works on a few guiding principals and systems.

Students and staff at Rifle Middle School aspire to live up to our social mission.

"We treat everyone with respect. We find the good in others and seek to share the best of ourselves."

Rifle Middle School operates off of our compass.

RMS Compass

360 degrees - these are our BIG IDEAS.   We are facilitators of thinking, talking, and writing.

40 and 6 degrees - Community and Connection  These are the areas of climate and culture and community connections. We try to connect our staff and our communities through things like our Parenting Journey classes, gratitudes, positivity project and community connections.

90 degrees - Right things, done right. These are our day-to-day logistics, meetings and school events.

180 degrees - Grit Fostering the courage, resolve and strength of character to persevere even when it is difficult. 

212 degrees - Passion and Possibility - This place on the compass is where our passion for continual learning, growth mindset, and love of all children really shines.

Rifle Middle School Cairns

RMS Cairns