Mrs. Nipper's Morning Musings


Happy Thursday Cubs! I hope your day has started well. Today I’m thinking about the word “responsible”. Some people think that talking about being responsible is boring, but I believe that when you think of it as being “response-able” it’s actually VERY exciting. Growing up is about becoming more and more ABLE to RESPOND to what happens in your own life. We learn to respond to people and situations. We become able to solve problems in our own lives. For example, if I show up to work every day late, without my computer or keys OR my lunch, it will be a bad day. If I do that repeatedly, they will probably give my job to someone else. One way I am responsible or “able to respond” is to do things the night before to get ready so I have everything I need in my day. I invite you to consider what problem in your own life are you able to solve? 


Hey Cubs, something on my mind today is the question “What do I want to accomplish today?”  You could call this my “goals” for today. I am attending a meeting today where I have to get lots of important information. One goal for the day is to pay really good attention and take good notes so that I can do my job well.  I also want to drink all of my water today because when I do I feel better and my mind works better. My third goal today is to try to avoid complaining. I want to see what’s going well. What’s your goal for today? 


Happy Tuesday Cubs! Something I’m thinking about today is how nice it is to be encouraged by friends and co-workers each day. I’d like to invite everybody at RMS to find some way to encourage someone else today. Whether someone is having a hard time with their school work, or having problems with friends, or outside of school, YOU can be the one to make them SMILE. Lots of people go to school or to work every day in places that are negative. I’m so thankful for the positivity at RMS!


Good Morning RMS Cubs! Something I’m thinking about today is remembering what it means to have a “growth mindset”.  I’ve been learning some new things recently and I find that it feels a little hard sometimes when I’m learning new things. Things I already know really well feel easy. So, my challenge to all of us today as we learn together is to allow learning to build our brain muscles and strengthen our mind. No matter whether your future is in sports, or music, or math, or the literary or visual arts, your most powerful tool to build your life will be having a strong mind!