6th Grade Learning

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6th Grade Literacy


Course Description: In 6th-grade literacy, students will continuously be coached and encouraged in their effort to embrace reading and creative writing. The first quarter will focus on reading and writing personal and imaginary narratives as well as poetry. The second quarter will introduce the strategies needed to read non-fiction text. The second quarter will also focus on the skill of comparing and contrasting two texts, culminating with a four-paragraph compare and contrast essay. The third quarter will begin with persuasive writing and lead to the opportunity of researching a question that students will take a stand on. A five-paragraph argumentative essay will culminate the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, the focus will spiral back to narrative works within book clubs and a deeper look into the tone of an author using book club books and poetry.

Gene Duran - Literacy
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Ann Davis - Literacy
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6th Grade Math


Course Description: In 6th grade, we make a switch from using Investigations as our primary math resource to using CPM Core Connections 1.  The three principles of CPM are “cooperative learning”, “problem-based learning”, and “mixed, spaced practice”. Students will learn how to effectively work with teams to learn mathematics through investigation and mathematical discourse.


The following are the main mathematical focuses for 6th grade.

         - ratios/rates

         - division of fractions

         - integers (positive and negative numbers)

         - algebraic expressions/equations


We are excited to embark on this new journey with our 6th-grade students.

Kari Johnson - Math

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Amber Tharp
Amber Tharp - Math 

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 6th Grade Social Studies

Social Studies Clipart

Course Description: We will embark on a wonderful adventure in the Western Hemisphere. We learn about the five themes of geography (movement, region, human-environment interaction, location and place), the seven elements of culture (social organization, celebrations/traditions, arts/literature, religion, language, economics and government) through history.  We will conclude with practical and personal economics (financial goal setting).

Julie Green - Social Studies   
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Randalea Milhorn - Social Studies 
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6th Grade Science


Class Description: We will focus on Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Systems.  Specifically, we will delve deeper into the state standards focusing on ecosystems, atomic structure, rock and water cycles, changing surface of the Earth, and human impact on the environment.

 Maaret Petaisto -  Science

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Julia Popham - Science
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