About Our Schedule

picture of rotation Rifle Middle School has built a schedule that evolves around the needs of learners. All of our kids have two instructional blocks before lunch and two instructional blocks after lunch. We have a Cubtime (advisory) in the morning and learners return to their Cubtime at the end of the day before the final bell. Learners have two Specials every quarter that meet every other day. Finally, our schedule rotates to accommodate students who might learn better in the afternoon or in the morning. This looks like learners rotating through their instructional blocks by attending their first block first on the first day of the week (Monday), their 2nd block first on the second day of the week (Tuesday) and so forth. The order remains the same following through each day in numerical order from 1sst through 4th. While this may sound complicated to adults, our learners adjust quickly and find that they like finishing their instructional block in a different class every day of the week.